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Upcycle Collection


wearable art with intent.

Slow fashion for mind, body + planet.

Whether you're adorning your body in radical creations, supporting small makers, or diverting textiles from waste facilities, the lifecycle of a garment is charged with sociopolitical implications. Terran creates small batch clothing collections from pieces that would otherwise be unwearable due to staining or damage.

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Call for Damaged Clothing!

Do you have stained or damaged clothing that you don't know what to do with?

Terran mends + recycles sweaters, shirts, dresses + more so that those pieces do not end up in a landfill!

Embroidery Set

Coming soon!

Small batch collections + DIY embroidery kits available soon!

Damaged Clothing

Textile waste is an enormous + growing environmental issue.

Using embroidery, patching + mending techniques Terran hopes to rescue clothing that would otherwise be discarded.

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Embroidery Kits

Craft is a radical act of slowness, environmentalism + personal autonomy.

Coming soon... learn embroidery with me!

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Damaged Clothing
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