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"welcome, beloved" collage art

Snail Mail

for the Future

Instagram is out, snail mail is in!

Join our snail mail community to receive a monthly handmade mailer straight to your door.

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Explore eco-feminism, anti-capitalism, mind-body-planet healing and more! printed locally + assembled by hand.


about Terran

slow lifestyle advocate, femme witch, mind-body health expert, eco-feminist

Terran V. Shaver, B.A., is a spoonie, femme-witch, artist and activist devoted to building a slow new world. She weaves ancient, intuitive wisdoms with futuristic mind-body-planet sciences to create moon and nature rituals, community programs, and anti-capitalist resources. 

Armed with a degree (and a half) and an abundance of lived experience, Terran is working to create art and resources that soothe burnt out bodies, hearts, and minds.

Terran believes everyone deserves the opportunity to live a beautiful, meaningful, and gentle life. And that the journey to that destination is rooted in creativity, community, and slowness.

Terran believes that all healing – cultural, environmental, and personal – starts with slowing down.

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