Do you love receiving mail? Would you like to receive a monthly handmade mailer from yours truly?


Every month receive a copy of a handwritten, illustrated, two page, black and white letter! These letters are sort of like a blog, sort of like a letter, and about everything from mind-body healing to social justice to self-love and optimism. Basically, this is my alternative to Instagram-blogging. You get handcrafted mail, and I don't have to fight the all-mighty algorithm.


*Subscriptions made before the 20th of each month will receive that month's love letter package! Subscriptions made after the 20th of each month will be 'rolled over' into the next month.*


Often includes surprise gifts of colouring pages, stickers, mini-zines and more!

Love Letter Subscription

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One-time purchase
C$5.00monthly/ auto-renew