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Snail mail for the future


MONTHLY snail mail packages DELIVERED TO mail boxes across the continent.


snail mail *is* the future

Instagram is out, snail mail is in!

Snail Mail for the Future (SMFTF) is… well, exactly that. First and foremost SMFTF is an opportunity to cultivate connection and creation in the offline world — the world that holds our local communities and ultimately our real world futures. These tiny packages explore intentional slowness, grounded living, and optimistic futurism in an uncertain and rapidly changing world.


Secondly, these letters are a “figuring out space”. In the online world of aesthetics, sound bites, and perfect finishes there is little room for nuance, unfinished drafts, and curious exploration. SMFTF is a space to explore new ideas, grapple with sometimes difficult concepts, and hopefully figure a few things out — for both Terran and you. Be the first to read drafts and see prototypes of future snail mail projects — feedback is not only welcomed, it is encouraged.


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Everyone loves getting mail! Send mail to your friends, loved ones, or as a gift to yourself. We all deserve something small to look forward to!

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What people are saying...

"Terran's snail mail blessings always arrive on the days I need them most. They read like a warm hug from a wise trustworthy soul, and never fail to lift me up on my darkest days. Artistically beautiful and philosophically intriguing, these snail mail packages have brought me to tears and made me feel less alone through the pandemic times."
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