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Slow Lifestyle Movement


All healing – cultural, environmental, and personal – starts with slowing down.

Discover the magic of slowing down.

We are facing a burnout crisis – and individual solutions are not going to cut it. The Slow Lifestyle Movement is a growing movement of people opposed to hustle culture, accelerated lifestyles, and the values of capitalism. 


Moon + Nature Rituals

"Nothing in nature hurries, yet all is accomplished."

- Lao Tzu


Rediscover the slow, cyclical rhythm of the moon and deepen your connection to the natural world.


Snail Mail for the Future

Social media moves too fast. So we've shifted to a snail's pace! Snail Mail for the Future explores meaning, justice + being a human on planet earth with gentleness and of course, a lot of love. Receive a handmade package to your door monthly.


Terran's reverence for the natural world is evident in all of her work, and her art is no different. Drawing themes from nature, science fiction, and fantasy worlds Terran's art explores meaning, justice, kindness and joy!


Meditate with Me

Meditation is not a complete solution, but it sure as heck helps!

Accessible, easy, nature + astrology inspired meditations coming soon!


Rushing is violence.

- The Dalai Lama

Terran believes everyone deserves the opportunity to live a beautiful, meaningful, and healthy life. And that the journey to that destination is rooted in creativity, community, and slowness.

Terran believes that all healing – cultural, environmental, and personal – starts with slowing down.

Shop This Collection

Honouring cycles, seasons, and our sacred position in the natural world.

Join us every month on Instagram for our  free Full Moon Meditation!


An illustrated, hand stamped package from my home to yours every month!

This is my solution to social media hustle. Includes a surprise gift every time!

Wheel of the Year

Honouring the passage of time, rooting into the turn of the seasons, and becoming more attuned with our intuitive selves.

Zine series + ritual kits coming autumn 2021!

Autumn Road
Moon + Nature
Love Letters
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