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Terran V. Shaver

slow lifestyle advocate, femme witch, mind-body health expert, eco-feminist

Terran V. Shaver, B.A., is a spoonie, femme-witch, artist and activist devoted to building a slow new world. She weaves ancient, intuitive wisdoms with modern mind-body-planet sciences to create moon and nature rituals, community programs, and anti-capitalist resources. 

Armed with a degree (and a half) and an abundance of lived experience, Terran is determined to make evidence-based, holistic health and wellness practices accessible to everyone who is sick, literally and figuratively, of cultures of disposability, capitalism, and toxic positivity.

Terran believes everyone deserves the opportunity to live a beautiful, meaningful, and healthy life. And that the journey to that destination is rooted in creativity, community, and slowness.

Terran believes that all healing – cultural, environmental, and personal – starts with slowing down.

Hello and welcome,

You've found my little corner of the internet! Thank you for being here.

Where I'm coming from: This page started as a mind-body healing page titled Mindful Healing with Terran. A few things have changed since then... namely, I made the decision to leave my psychophysiology independent studies graduate degree (both because the amassing debt would not have been worth it, and because of my increasing concerns about the culture of the 'wellness' industry). While my academic career informs much of my writing, it has only been outside of academic pressures that I have truly found my voice as an artist and educator.

My work is currently focussed on a few things: monthly snail mail packages (kind of like a blog meets a love letter and a big f*ck you to social media dependency), unpacking what it means to be a creator and community leader at the end of capitalism, creating resources for D.I.Y. slow living strategies to share accessibly, and creating some stability in my own life.

Things I am working on: large format zine making, choose your own adventure meditation series (part meditation, part bedtime story), my Mindfulness for the Apocalypse series, and... just being a human being on planet earth in the year 2023.


Future goals: some kind of  DIY/Craft video series (with *spicy* sociopolitical takes throughout), ancestor healing studies, somatic healing studies (with a focus on textiles and craft making), and I'm sure many other incredible things!

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