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Welcome to The Slow Lifestyle Movement

In a Nutshell -

Slow Living has become synonymous with trends like minimalism, tiny houses, and 'green' initiatives. But what does it mean to live slow in YOUR body? What does a slow lifestyle mean to YOU?

In The Slow Lifestyle Movement, no two slow lifestyles are the same — and I think that's a beautiful thing.

Finding your unique, personal rhythm is essential to maintaining your groove. And your groove is everything.

The Slow Lifestyle Movement

The Slow Lifestyle Movement is a non-dogmatic, flexible, and compassionate approach to thriving in the 21st century.

The Slow Lifestyle Movement is founded on a belief in the interconnectedness of everything.

Living in the year 2020 means living in a world that's fast, complicated, layered, and dynamic. We are existing in a post-truth world where living a 'good' life gets more complicated by the day.

While The Slow Lifestyle Movement doesn't claim to have all the answers, or any at all, I believe that slowing down, getting in touch with your values, and creating a lifestyle that works for YOU is the best way to not only ensure your own success, but the secret to creating a more sustainable world.

The Philosophy

Non-Dogmatic - What's right for me is not necessarily going to be right for you.

While I will be sharing my beliefs about the many interconnected practices and beliefs that add up to a meaningful slow life, I hope this space can be one of co-creation.

Your ideas matter not just for the creation of your own lifestyle but for the creation of a slower world.

Compassion Focused - What if we believed that everyone was trying their absolute best?

It's tough out there. Many of us are living everyday with the difficult realities of late-stage capitalism. People are working 3 jobs and barely making ends meet, fires and floods rage worldwide, the news blasts an inescapable 24/7 apocalyptic die. People are scared.

And despite that, I see people rallying to every cause you can imagine, I see people helping one another and fostering community, I see you reading this blog and wondering if we could all live a little slower.

Compassion teaches us to be more patient with ourselves and with one another. So before we give in to our own negative self-talk, or the next time we feel like calling someone out, what if we all just took a moment to ask, "Is this person trying their best? Am I trying my best?"

D.I.Y. + Sustainability - While sustainability has become synonymous with global efforts to fight climate catastrophe, it also applies to your everyday life.

Are you living in a way that is sustainable?

Not in a pre-packaged, green-washed sense of sustainability, but in an honest appraisal of your health and well-being. Is the life you’re living one you can sustain? Is it one that sustains you?

If the answer is no, know that you're not alone.

The Slow Lifestyle Movement believes in your ability to D.I.Y. a lifestyle that not only sustains you, but creates profound and meaningful ripples of sustainability in your community and the world.

The Blog

Hello, you're here! This is The Slow Lifestyle Movement Blog.

I'm still working out exactly what that means. But for now, expect articles about health, wellbeing, and D.I.Y. and how you can't consider one without another!

Anyone who has read my work, or been to my workshops - by the way, hi, I'm Terran! - knows that I'm rarely talking about just one thing. Instead, I prefer to explore all the spaces in between.

For example, if we're talking about mind-body health (the topic of my unfinished Master's degree), I also want to be talking about eco-feminism and accessibility. If we're talking about boundaries and cognitive behavioural science, I also want to be talking about spirituality and the recent resurgence of witchcraft. If we're talking about scientific inquiry, I also want to be talking about miracles and the unknown.

The spaces in between. The interconnectedness of all things.

The messy, wiggly, miraculous way I, and you, and this planet Earth interact with one another - and how we can see the beauty in that mess every day.

I believe in the beauty of your mess. And I can't wait to share mine.

Until next time,

With love + gratitude,


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