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A letter for the friend who is doing great [despite the circumstances].


This small package is filled with gentle comfort for anyone doing their absolute best through hard times! We will all encounter difficult - if not impossible - circumstances in our lives, and each of us deserves to be celebrated for doing our best through those hard times.


An excerpt reads,


"I may not know you, but I do know one thing: you are doing your absolute best. ‘How could you possibly know that?’ you ask. I know, because everyone I have ever met, perhaps everyone who has ever lived, has been doing their absolute best to navigate this wild and complicated thing we call life on Earth.


Of course, sometimes our best looks very different from what we, or the people in our lives, imagined it would. Yes, sometimes doing our best looks like big milestones, finished projects, and celebrations! Other times we might start down the wrong path, or even make devastating mistakes in our quest for our best selves, and when that happens I hope we find the courage to ask for and to offer forgiveness in our lives.


But most often I think, our best – and I know this from experience — looks a lot more like just getting out of bed to make a cup of coffee; just getting dressed; just getting to work; just being alive. Sometimes it is enough just to exist (which I would hope to remind you is a miracle of its own)."


Package includes a copy of an illustrated, handwritten letter titled "You're Doing Great [Especially Given the Circumstances]", a simple grounding practice, and an affirmation card to pocket or display.


*envelope colour may change depending on availability*

for the friend who is doing great [despite the circumstances]

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