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Welcome, ApocaScout, to your first assignment.


This zine – the first in the series Mindfulness for the Apocalypse – is an introduction to the concepts of apocalypse, eco-anxiety, and the role psychophysiology can play in our fight for change.


Have you ever considered that the way we think about climate change has a significant impact on our ability to critically and meaningfully engage with action?


This zine explores the way climate catastrophe is negatively effecting our mental and physical health, and offers grounding points from which to understand and address the very real stress of living at a time of environmental and economic collapse.



• 20 pages

• illustrated (cover - full colour, interior - B&W)

• locally printed

• includes collectible ApocaScout sticker badges!


*** digital version available Monday, April 26th ***

Mindfulness for the Apocalypse - Eco-Anxiety

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