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Visiting the doctors’ office is stressful at the best of times but visiting without support is even worse. Enter, the Spoonie Magic Pocket Companion! This pocket-sized zine is part comforting pep-talk, part essential boundary statements for visiting the doctor, and all spoonie magic. Whether you’re facing a new diagnosis, or have long identified as a spoonie, this pocket companion is made just for you with the intention of gentle support and care. Sometimes we all could use a little pep-talk, a little support, a little companionship, and this zine offers just that!


original collage art, intentionally pocket-sized

approx. 10.5cm x 7cm, 14 pages

Spoonie Magic | Pocket Companion

  • each zine is printed locally and hand assembled by yours truly! while I endeavour to make each one perfect, every zine has its own character and is a handmade product.

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